Sportsmen Antoine Dupont and Raphaël Varane acquire a stake in MORFO

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July 5, 2024

Rugby star Antoine Dupont and international footballer Raphaël Varane, who has 93 caps for the French national team, have taken a stake in MORFO, our company specializing in drone-based reforestation. This operation was orchestrated by Teampact Ventures, a venture capital fund and already a MORFO shareholder since November 2022. Other long-standing shareholders RAISE Seed For Good, Demeter and AFI Ventures also increased their stakes in this round of financing.

MORFO and committed sportsmen and women: a beneficial partnership for forests

A recognized specialist in tropical zones, MORFO has launched 20 large-scale projects, notably in Brazil's Amazon and Atlantic forests, as well as in French Guiana and Gabon, affirming its expertise and commitment to preserving the world's biodiversity. Our company has established itself as a reference in Brazil, marking its presence during the recent official visit of President Macron, accompanied by President Lula.

"According to the UN, it is imperative to reforest 1 billion hectares by 2030 to honor our climate commitments. Currently, only 6 million hectares are reforested each year, while 5 million hectares are deforested." - Pascal Asselin, co-founder of MORFO

Our project makes sense for many sportsmen and women who want to get involved in the fight against global warming.

"Deforestation and the loss of biodiversity have always deeply concerned me. My discussions with MORFO's founders gave me great hope. I'm proud to be involved in financing and supporting such a promising company." - Raphaël Varane, Teampact investor and committed athlete

Raphaël Varane and Antoine Dupont are not the only athletes to have invested in MORFO. Handball's most successful player, Nikola Karabatic (three-time Olympic champion and four-time world champion), multiple medal-winning swimmer Malia Metella, and former rugby international Benjamin Kayser are also among the sportsmen and women who support MORFO.

MORFO's goal: to become a leader in tropical forest reforestation

The arrival of these new sportsmen and women supports MORFO's ambitions to become a world leader in its sector. "When our historic investors offered to increase their stake even before a new round of financing, we immediately seized the opportunity. This provides real leverage for our ambition to restore 100 million hectares of forest by 2050," emphasizes Pascal Asselin, one of the three founders of this company with 35 employees of 8 different nationalities.

Basile Agay, co-founder of Teampact, expresses his enthusiasm: "We've been working with MORFO for almost two years, and are truly impressed by their success, both scientifically and commercially. The potential is considerable, and the urgency of the situation only increases the importance of our commitment. This is why we have chosen, in agreement with long-standing investors, to reinvest, even though the company already has a solid cash reserve."

Technology for large-scale reforestation

Founded in 2021, French-Brazilian company MORFO has rapidly established itself as a key leader in large-scale, sustainable reforestation. Thanks to precise diagnostics of degraded areas, a unique seed encapsulation technology, and an innovative drone-dropping system, MORFO orchestrates ambitious reforestation projects. These initiatives are carried out in close collaboration with local communities, promoting an approach that is both inclusive and respectful of the environment.

"We firmly believe in MORFO's potential to disrupt its market thanks to its visionary approach. The management team has demonstrated its ability to execute, and we are proud to continue this entrepreneurial adventure alongside them." - Stéphane Pesqué, Head of RAISE Ventures

Innovation lies at the heart of MORFO's strategy: the company has developed two patented technology products crucial to the regeneration of forest ecosystems. These technology enable effective intervention over vast territories and in areas that are difficult to access, ensuring the reintroduction of 10 to 30 native plant species per project. This plant diversity ensures dense forest cover and contributes to deep, sustainable ecological restoration.

Chief Writer and Content Manager
Lorie Louque
- Paris, France
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