We plant the forests of tomorrow.

Our mission

1st high-scale &

MORFO is a French company combining microbiology, UAV technology and Artificial Intelligence to restore our ecosystems and fight global warming.


All-in-one solution for ecosystem restoration.

MORFO is taking care of every aspect of your restoration project with an unprecedented rapidity, reporting and ecological focus.

They support us

Analysis & Strategy

4 steps to reach success in every project

① Ecosystem Analysis & Review
② Soil & Slopes Characterization
③ Area Classification
④ Seed Selection and Sourcing

Aerial Seedling

Demonstrated benefits for a revolutionnary approach

20 times faster
Easy implementation
Proprietary seed vessel
Access to remote area
Increasing biodiversity and biomasse recovery

Monitoring & Reporting

The most reliable ecological monitoring tool for companies

We provide actualized data on the plantation realized and a complete reporting adapted to your need


MORFO has been funded by a team of responsible entrepreneurs.
We believe in an economy engaged for the climate. As a fact, MORFO is officially engaged for :

We firmly believe that forest has a big role to play.
At MORFO, we are not only planting trees, but we are reconstituting complete ecosystem in all their complexity, and giving precious insight of their evolution to guarantee their longevity.