MORFO selected as a Leading Solution in Climate Technology by Frost & Sullivan

Image source: Will Thaw/MORFO
January 26, 2024

In December 2023, MORFO was selected by Frost & Sullivan, an international consulting firm, as one of the world's top 100 climate technology companies.

Frost & Sullivan has published its report "100 Leading Climate Tech Solutions and Portfolios".

This report addresses the challenges of climate change and highlights the importance of managing them through technology . It distinguishes between mitigation, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and adaptation, focused on building resilient communities. More than 300 organizations are recognized for their leadership in the technology climate market, assessed according to criteria such as turnover, financing, scalability and speed of implementation. The assessment is based on three frameworks: the 6P framework, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Business. These companies are adopting innovative approaches, often combining hardware technology and digital tools to address a range of climate risks in a variety of industry sectors.

Source: Frost & Sullivan

MORFO: pioneering large-scale restoration of native forest ecosystems with precision and technology

Founded in 2021, MORFO specializes in large-scale, comprehensive restoration of native forests using a holistic approach. Our company excels in providing diverse services, such as site analysis, potential assessment, seed selection, meticulous planting, and ecological impact monitoring as well as carbon capture. We use advanced technology , including drones and satellite imagery, to conduct accurate and efficient reforestation efforts.

MORFO targets various sectors, including the mining industry, where 100% of sites are eligible for restoration, as well as landowners, who only require validation for the process. Companies interested in purchasing third-party verified carbon credits benefit from our direct approach, eliminating intermediaries in the sale or implementation of projects.

Our innovative seed capsules boast an impressive survival rate of 80%, contributing not only to reforestation, but also offering additional benefits such as soil restoration and increased biodiversity. By strategically using drones, we ensure extensive coverage when disseminating these capsules over vast areas of land. MORFO also offers the Forest Monitoring Dashboard, a comprehensive platform providing reforestation and growth metrics, as well as carbon offset data, giving our customers a clear view of their environmental impact in real time.

Why has MORFO been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as an expert in climate technology?

According to the firm, MORFO's reforestation strategy seamlessly integrates ecological and social impact, with the aim of restoring nature, biodiversity and fostering local development. Beyond the environmental benefits, our approach enhances land values and encourages sustainable practices, generating long-term income while revitalizing soil health and mitigating erosion. This comprehensive strategy not only promotes diverse ecosystems, it also improves air quality and promotes carbon capture. MORFO's commitment goes beyond simple environmental restoration, addressing the interplay of ecological, social and economic factors for a more sustainable future.

Chief Writer and Content Manager
Lorie Louque
- Paris, France
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