MORFO selected as Trillion Trees Top Innovator

Image source: Will Thaw/MORFO
January 24, 2024

MORFO has been selected as a Top Innovator by the World Economic Forum's Trillion Trees: Restoration at Scale program, highlighting the urgent imperative to address the rapid degradation of our forest ecosystems. This program, managed by the World Economic Forum, identifies and highlights companies and initiatives that are playing a crucial role in solving global challenges.

MORFO one of 12 Top Innovators selected to join Trillion Trees' innovation ecosystem

44 trillion dollars, equivalent to half the world's GDP, are currently at risk due to the loss of nature, highlighting the crucial importance of restoring vulnerable sites to avoid disastrous economic consequences. The role of business is becoming essential in leading the transition to a nature-friendly economy and combating the risks associated with climate change. This is where MORFO's selection for the Trillion Trees program comes into its own.

The challenge attracted 160 submissions from around the world, and MORFO was one of 12 Top Innovators selected to join the Trillion Trees innovation ecosystem.

A solution for large-scale forest ecosystem restoration

MORFO specializes in the restoration of forest ecosystems. Thanks to major investments in R&D and AI, we restore on a large scale while maximizing environmental, economic and social co-benefits. Our technology enables us to plant :

  • 100 times faster than any other method,
  • with biodiversity, between 10 and 30 local species per project,
  • with a strong social commitment, employing over 1,000 local people.

MORFO highlights forest restoration as cost-effective and scalable methods for businesses to achieve net-zero emissions.The global potential for forest restoration is considerable, but challenges such as insufficient investment, human capital gaps and inadequate seed stocks are hampering progress. MORFO is a powerful solution to overcoming these obstacles, offering disruptive solutions to catalyze large-scale restoration.

MORFO was created in response to the alarming loss of the world's forests, which are disappearing by 5 million hectares a year (FAO, 2022). The UN target of reforesting 1 billion hectares by 2030 is far from being met, with only 5% of the target currently achievable. The majority of reforestation projects use low-biodiversity seeds; 90% are monocultures, whereas diversified forests capture 70% more carbon. MORFO responds to these challenges by using advanced R&D and AI for efficient, large-scale restoration.

As part of Trillion Trees, MORFO has the opportunity to showcase its innovation on a global scale and collaborate with stakeholders to amplify its impact. By addressing critical issues such as forest restoration, carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation and livelihood generation, MORFO embodies the transformative potential of innovation in revitalizing our natural ecosystems and contributing to a sustainable future.

Chief Writer and Content Manager
Lorie Louque
- Paris, France
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