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June 18, 2024

Maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the costs of restoration projects is a common goal. However, traditional restoration practices are often accompanied by economic challenges, particularly when it comes to scaling up or working in complex areas. At MORFO, our intelligent planting solutions are driving a paradigm shift in restoration, delivering significant cost savings while ensuring successful ecological regeneration.

Slashing expenses by 40% across the restoration lifecycle

MORFO restores native and resilient forest ecosystems. Brazil's degraded land surface amounts to 140 million hectares, which constitutes 1/6 of the total degraded lands worldwide. Current methodologies can restore hundreds of hectares, but not thousands or millions of hectares. That's why we created MORFO. Our innovative approach addresses the highest cost offenders in restoration projects through:

  • Preparation costs: By minimizing the need for intervention in the area to be restored, we can reduce preparation costs by 50%.
  • Planting costs: Thanks to techniques such as encapsulation and targeted fertilization, we reduce planting costs by 30% or more compared with conventional methods, with even greater potential for efficiency as we scale up.
  • Logistics and deployment: With just two people piloting  a drone, we can plant up to 50 hectares a day. This method uses almost 20 times fewer people on-site for larger areas, significantly lowering human exposure to security risks. Additionally, the reduced logistics needs help cut down logistic, management, and recruitment costs.
  • Maintenance costs: Our methods minimize the need for replanting, resulting in a staggering 70% reduction in maintenance expenses compared to traditional practices.
  • Monitoring costs: The use of advanced drones and satellite analysis minimizes the need for on-site visits, resulting in a reduction of at least 15% in monitoring costs.

Not just a better solution, but a real paradigm shift: a data-driven approach for informed decisions

While traditional restoration often lacks transparency, MORFO prioritizes data-driven decision-making. Our approach encompasses several key elements that collectively ensure precision and efficiency in our restoration projects. The comprehensive diagnostic phase  includes security validation, operational validation, and full data mapping using advanced technologies such as satellites, drones, soil analysis, and biodiversity assessments. We leverage proprietary algorithms to analyze the collected data, enabling precise planning and execution.

State-of-the-art technology play an critical role in our methodology. Our proprietary algorithms process the extensive data collected, facilitating real-time monitoring using advanced drone and satellite technology. This allows us to track progress and make informed adjustments where necessary.

Our targeted approach is the cornerstone of MORFO's strategy. By making decisions based on comprehensive data, we avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure the success of restoration efforts. Efficient resource allocation, guided by detailed analysis, reduces costs and improves project results.

Sustainability and impact are also key focuses for MORFO. Long-term monitoring ensures the ongoing success of restoration efforts, with continuous data collection and analysis supporting the sustainability of our projects. This data-driven strategy maximizes the ecological and economic benefits of restoration, transforming restoration into a smart investment.

This initial investment in data collection and analysis not only ensures a targeted approach, but also avoids unnecessary expenditure downstream, resulting in more efficient and successful restoration projects.

Investing in restoration, investing in the future

By choosing Morfo, you're not just making a positive environmental impact; you're making a smart financial decision. Our innovative approach delivers significant cost savings while ensuring successful restoration projects. Let’s transform restoration into an investment, not just an expense. Contact MORFO today and unlock the true potential of your restoration budget.

Key benefits of MORFO's methodology:

  • Up to 20 times fewer people involved in the field, achieving the same results as manual planting.
  • Fewer people on the field reduce hidden costs and productivity risks.
  • Achieve hectare targets by planting only during optimal planting periods.
  • Maintenance needs reduced to the minimum.
Chief Writer and Content Manager
Lorie Louque
- Paris, France
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