MORFO presents its innovative forest restoration technology in Rio de Janeiro

Image source: Rodrigo Paiva/MORFO
January 3, 2024

Rio de Janeiro is gearing up to combat rising temperatures with an innovative reforestation plan that uses state-of-the-art seed-dispersing drones. Beginning in January 2024, this initiative aims to showcase MORFO's complete, customized and ready-to-use solution , and its advanced technologyincluding dronesdrones seed capsules and satellite imagery.

The city is implementing several ecological measures, such as installing hydration points, preventing the expansion of at-risk areas and creating green corridors between conservation units. This action follows the exceptional heat recorded in November, causing an increase in requests for medical assistance due to extreme temperatures.

The deployment of seed-dispersing drones is part of a series of measures defined by the municipal authorities, including the installation of at least 100 hydration points across Rio de Janeiro. Notably, the effectiveness of these drones far exceeds traditional reforestation methods.

The use of drones represents a major step forward. A single drone can cover up to 50 hectares in a week, a task that would take a reforestation officer considerably longer.

The urgency of these initiatives stems from alarming climate indicators affecting Rio de Janeiro. November saw three new heat index records, raising concerns about rising temperatures. Recent high temperatures, reaching 42.5°C in Vila Militar and 41.9°C in Marambaia, underline the urgent need for immediate action.

This drone-assisted planting project is a sign of hope, highlighting Rio de Janeiro's commitment to sustainable urban development and climate-conscious action in the face of growing environmental challenges.

To find out more about the Rio de Janeiro prefecture's restoration initiatives, read the Globo article.

Chief Writer and Content Manager
Lorie Louque
- Paris, France
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