Example project: local communities use drones to reforest Brazilian forests

Image source: Wild Hope
April 22, 2024

Last April, the American channel Wild Hope TV broadcast a 15-minute documentary about our partner ITPA and us, MORFO. This 22nd episode presents the life of Mauricio Ruiz, founder of ITPA, who leads a mission in the Brazilian Atlantic forest to repair the damage caused by deforestation.

His organization, the Institute for Environmental Preservation (ITPA), in partnership with MORFO, is planting millions of trees to revive the forest's ecosystem. Although less well known than the Amazon, this forest is rich in plants and animals found nowhere else.

Ruiz founded ITPA at the age of 14 to combat deforestation. For 25 years, ITPA has worked hard to protect the forest. With the help of the government and private donors, it has rallied local communities to its cause.

ITPA's main objective is to plant 15 million trees. But to achieve this, it needed a new approach. That's where MORFO comes in. Thanks to drones, MORFO is able to plant seeds quickly and accurately. Using advanced technology, MORFO ensures that the seeds have the best chance of becoming robust trees.

With an 80% success rate, MORFO's drones have already helped restore 600 hectares of forest. This technology could breathe new life into vast areas damaged by deforestation.

He knows that true success depends on everyone's efforts.

"Reforestation is not just about planting trees; it's about ensuring a better world for future generations".

At MORFO, we're extremely grateful to the award-winning Tangled Bank studio for shining the spotlight on both our organizations.

Chief Writer and Content Manager
Lorie Louque
- Paris, France
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