Brazil: Miguel Pereira

This project is led by ITPA. This Brazilian family organization has over 20 years of experience in tree planting. ITPA has already contributed to the restoration of one million hectares of the Atlantic Forest, one of the most degraded forests in the world. In this project, MORFO and ITPA focus on an area located north of the Tinguá Biological Reserve, in the municipality of Miguel Pereira. This area was deforested 30 years ago for coffee plantations, charcoal production and pastures.

We are restoring areas in the continuity of the existing forest areas of the Tingua Biological Reserve and, on a larger scale, the Tingua-Bocaina ecological corridor. This corridor has a highly strategic importance as it is one of the main sources of fresh water and energy for the city of Rio de Janeiro, which has 10 million inhabitants. It provides 80% of the water and 30% of the energy through the Guandu watershed.

We reforest 75 hectares divided into :

  • 60 hectares already partially wooded and in need of diversification and re-enrichment
  • 15 hectares cleared of all vegetation, in need of complete revegetation to reactivate and accelerate the regeneration of the Atlantic Forest
Read more about the impact of this project in this article.


Deployment in 4 periods :

  • Analysis: comprehensive analysis by algorithms based on drone and satellite data, soil sampling and biodiversity analysis
  • Preparation: invasive plant control, ant control, fencing - 2 weeks before planting with local partners
  • Planting: 3 days of planting with MORFO's reforestation technology
  • After planting: 36 months of continuous care and protection (against ants and all invasive species...)


  • Hilly area with significant slopes and erosion problems
  • Presence of invasive exotic species such as Brachiaria species
  • Presence of ants and livestock that degrade seedlings


  • For 36 months: continuous monitoring and management on site
  • Every 3 months: satellite update of the plantation
  • For 30 years, once a year: data collection and analysis by drone
November 2022

First analyses carried out on site, by drone and by satellite. These analyses are processed in laboratories by agricultural engineers and data scientists.

December 2022

Planting preparation thanks to the network of seed growers in the region.

January 2023

Drone planting carried out by the MORFO team, accompanied by planters from Miguel Pereira and ITPA.

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